by Emily Ford

So long, so long.
So long that he’s been gone.
Goodbye, a word I haven’t tried,

Four years along and still
farewell is gone unsaid.
Because he hasn’t left these thoughts.
Still he speaks inside these walls.

So adieu, ‘adieu’.
This man is not for you.
He will not be dismissed
like some wanton child by a head mistress.
He is too big for rooms.
He is too heavy to lose.

So ciao, I say.
Ciao could go either way.
Hello, goodbye, it’s all the same.

Ciao Dad, ciao Kevin, ciao still.
Ciao now. For now. Until.


Emily Ford | @FordgotBored | 1lifelaughing

Emily is a writer of things and a passionate eater of avocados and halloumi. The genius behind 1 Life Laughing, procrastinating online @FordgotBored.

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