by Alexandra Keirsebelik

And suddenly I don’t feel like myself anymore
I feel overwhelmed
I don’t know what I’m doing, or why
Like I’m a stranger in my own skin

I can’t shake these feelings off
I just keep sinking deeper
While my anxiety finds its way
Into my bones
And I can’t escape

 I fool myself that I have let myself down
And I believe it

It feels all too much

I can’t breathe
My tears come
I let them roll down my cheeks
While my shoulders tremble

It’s then, when the first tears flow, that I realise
That this moment will pass
Just like the other ones

This is just one part, I whisper
Embrace it, for a while
And then let go

Now let those other parts flourish the same way, I think

And I pull myself up


Alexandra Keirsebelik


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