Dear Damsels,

Our first theme of 2018 is POWER.

Growing under the surface, vibrating in your fingertips. Pure, electric potential.

It’s everything you’ve wanted to do, and everything that you’re capable of. Sparked inside of you by someone, something, a moment that made you realise your worth.

You use it when you speak out, rise up, breaking silences and refusing to back down. Using your voice, demanding to be heard.

It’s understanding the problem and knowing how to fix it, making a change and making a difference. It’s having a podium to stand on, and reaching down to pull someone else up.

It’s how you choose to use it.

So tell us when you feel your most powerful, and take the feeling into the new year. All submissions should be sent to by Wednesday 3rd January, and our guidelines can be found here. We can’t wait to hear from you.

DD x

Submissions for this theme are now closed. Please check out next month’s letter.

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