by Jasmine Thompson 


You look at me like I have snakes in my hair
and now you won’t look at all
I have yet to meet a man who can hear the truth
the whole truth and nothing but the truth


I sabotage us faithfully
feeding you fires too big to swallow
while I fan the flames glacially, languidly
waiting for the inevitable

vulnerability has no place here
unless it’s soft and sweet
served with heaping spoonfuls of sugar
with tears in my eyes while I beg to be saved

fuck that.
If I have the power to turn men to stone
surely I can make them fall
free of judgment, sympathy, just love

my past is not your burden
I carry it alone
just look me in the eyes, and melt
I will always be my own


Jasmine Thompson  | zhasminjasmine

Jasmine Thompson is a mixed media artist, teacher, and poet from northern California.

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