Poetry Trace


In this poem by Alex Creece memories are left behind like ghosts haunting the body.

by Alex Creexe

the little gaps between each synapse
where chemicals fire and fail
and memories forge pathways
their dendrites reach like fingertips
floating further away until they no longer

ghosts wander through stereocilia
ears itching and aching
with the darkest words spoken
just keep waxing lyrical
in the hope that euphoria can too

crick in the neck and kink in the spine
blisters of dust gnarled within
like a creaky staircase
that remembers every step
ligaments must sigh and groan as they

Alex Creece

Alex Creece is a super saiyan and an Australian. She enjoys queer arts-n-crafts projects, caring about her friends, and finishing people’s leftover food when they are full. She has a website. It’s creecedpaper.com.

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