Poetry Trace

Love Wounds

This trio of poems from Scarlett Kefford traces the bodily marks and impressions left behind by someone else.

by Scarlett Kefford


Love Wounds

Ours trace your
shoulder, back to ribs.
Biro fine lines
of red, cross out
Our mistakes, long after
they were made.
Because you cannot
be held down
I did not try.
Only left my mark
in skin and ink.


Not mine. Never were.

I was quite affected
when the burn from your cigarette
an accident – we stood so close
– faded not scarred.



Tissue impressions –
reminiscent of
tear thinned mascara
& stains sweated
from free magazine
eye shadow ‘Violet Trance’
– my fading proof
you weren’t a dream.


Scarlett Kefford | @scarlettroses_

Having somehow become a Production Coordinator after working in TV less than a year Scarlett looks back fondly on when the crappy ex-lovers of her poetry were the major causes of stress in her life.

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