letter remembrance

The October Letter

Dear Damsels

The theme for October is REMEMBRANCE.

Memories drenched in sepia. Rose-tinted flashbacks. Just yesterday, or years ago. These are the moments that made you and shaped you – the ones you cling on to and the ones you can’t shake.

It sparks up, tied to an object, a smell, a person. It’s the reason behind the rituals that have embedded themselves into your days, like muscle memory, a hangover from another time.

It’s new voices keeping an old story alive, something that once was being reborn again with every retelling. A special kind of haunting. It’s promising not to forget.

How will you remember? Let us know. Our guidelines can be found here, and submissions can be sent to contact@deardamsels.com by Friday 29th September. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Thanks and love,
DD x

Submissions for this theme are now closed. Take a look at next month’s theme, here.

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