letter Nourish

The September Letter

Dear Damsels,

The theme for September is NOURISH.

It’s that first stretch in the morning. The longer, slower walk home after work and the frantic, endorphin-boosting dance in the early hours.

It’s fresh air, a sea breeze, a warm room. It’s sweet, savoury and sour, carefully prepared and presented on a plate to fill up your heart and stomach.

You’ll think of it as you try to understand the body that you live in, trying to reconcile the need to take care of it when sometimes all you want to do is hide it away.

It’s indulging in a guilty pleasure or returning to a well-worn tradition​. It’s the small things – but it’s the things that pull us back together, reminding us who we are.

What fills you up, Damsels? Tell us. Our guidelines can be found here, and submissions close Tuesday 29th August. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Thanks and love,
DD x

Submissions for this theme are now closed. You can find next month’s letter here.

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