by Julia Kanti?

“I ask if I can help; you say you don’t know, you ask: What are your specialities?”

I ask if I can help; you say you don’t know, you ask: What are your specialities? I think … Well … I can make the sun shine on sunny days and the rain fall on wet ones. I can assist in finding, procuring or baking cakes (and all of their ingredients). My ability to share them and eat them is without question. I have ears that are often accurate in their listening ability, that won’t turn your words on a pin and prick you back with them. I can look quietly into sad corners and nod my head in agreement or, if you prefer, laugh and make a joke (hopefully when it’s appropriate). I know how to open and close doors, direct thought traffic, and climb stairs. I can seek answers in books and on the internet. I can glare at your enemies (both literal and figurative). I can be silent for long periods or fill conversation gaps with mindless wittering if needed. What I say, I hope you know already: I care how things turn out.

Julia Kanti? | @peculiarjulia

Julia Kanti? is a writer and web developer who spends her time between England, France and Croatia. This sounds glamorous but isn’t. The name Julia rhymes with ‘peculiar’ – take from that what you will. She lurks on Twitter: @peculiarjulia.

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