Dear Damsels,

Your theme for July is GLORY.

Glittering, golden, the purest joy. A moment of exhilaration that surpasses expectations and becomes something so much more. A feeling you desperately want to bottle up so that you can remember, so that it never loses its shine.

It’s pride, embedded in our achievements, our responsibilities and our legacy; what we choose to be known and remembered for. It’s there for you to bask in, whether the glow is all of your own or the shine from other people.

It waits for you at the top of the hill, the light you are constantly pushing towards. It’s everything now and it’s everything that we still have to come. The promise that you’ll experience it again.

Whether hopeful or intimidating, we want to hear what GLORY is to you. The deadline for all submissions is Wednesday 28th June and our writing guidelines can be found here.

Thanks and love,
DD x

Submissions for this theme are now closed.

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