by Jennifer Richards

Why is the silk rope
Only at the finish line?

What about the girl
Who managed to
Pull herself out of bed
When she only saw
Dark clouds ahead?

And what about the boy
Who found his identity
Even when he was scared
Even when they stared?

And what about you?

Who wrote yourself off
For not getting to the end
For not having success
And you call your life a mess
Yet when I fall
It is your arms that catch me.

Maybe not everyone
Will finish the race
Some get lost
Some withdraw
Some even choose to walk
But just because
You may not get
That crowning glory
It does not mean there
Is not victory
In your story.

Jennifer Richards | @jennifer_cerys |Instagram: @thesenightthoughts |

Jennifer Richards is a storyteller who loves the world of words, whether that means working on a novel, a play, or a poem. She’s also a freelance journalist and campaigner. If she’s not writing a book, she’ll usually be found curled up reading one.

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