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What happens when you put 50 Damsels into a room? Magic, apparently.

We hosted the first DD Get Together this week, and after months of negotiating rooms, wines, lineups and sorting out what on earth we should wear, it happened on a blisteringly hot day in June.

We listened to the stories of Anna Myers, the poetry of Anna Kahn, held a panel with Bianca Bass and Emily Beeson on side hustles and creativity, were rapt by the fiction of Sara Sherwood, opened up to body positivity by Kitty Underhill and sent on our way home by Luna Neptune’s sweet sounds.

We drank, laughed, bought cards made by Three Ginger Foxes got a bit too warm and felt so much love for the women that we know, and that we have the pleasure to be in this wonderful collective with. So thank you, Damsels. We’ll see you at another one soon.

Here are a few photos from the evening, all taken by Libby Earland.

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