Dear Damsels,

May’s theme is CHARACTER. It’s how you define yourself – the 140 letters in a bio, a line on a dating profile, your answer to the question, ‘who are you?’

It’s made by experience. By people. Through lessons learned.

It’s how others see you. The parts of you that you give them, hand outstretched saying ‘here, this is me’. It’s also the other hand hidden behind your back, holding the things only you know to be true. It’s the knowledge that someone else is doing exactly the same thing.

It’s our barometer for judgement. For sizing someone up. We call it into question when things don’t seem quite right – when a reflection of someone turns out to be a trick of the light, a passing shadow.

It constantly surprises us. As it should.

We love surprises, so write for us. The deadline for all CHARACTER pieces is 27th April and our writing guidelines can be found here.

Thanks and love,

DD x

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