With the very first DD Get Together coming up on Wednesday 14th June, we are oh-so-blessed to have a line-up of fantastic speakers and performers to share with you. We thought you might like to get to know a few of them before the night – first up is musician Luna Neptune, who will be serenading us with her beautiful space folk songs. Here she talks about her inspiration, how character shapes her music and being a daydreamer.


Tell us a little about what you do.

I’m a folk singer-songwriter based in London. When I write songs they always start as acoustic folk song, but then when recording I find it really fun to think, if I beamed this song into space, and then sent it back to Earth, what would that sound like? It ends up as some form of space pop folk rock. I’ve been gigging around the city as a solo artist but now I’m starting to work out how to play these tracks with a band – the songs are going heavier and more psychedelic.

How has your work developed and been shaped as you yourself have changed? 

Turning 30 was a really big change in my work as suddenly the fear of playing music live was overtaken by the fear of not doing it and running out of time. I started looking for new ways to play the songs live and I’ve spent a lot more time recording and working out what works and what doesn’t. A massive change was learning to not give up when the songs aren’t coming out how you want – it takes tenacity, patience and a hell of a lot of trial and error. It turns out that it’s a lot more fun and rewarding than I previously realised.

How do your experiences and character inform your work?

I like to write character-focused songs and I think my experience of working in TV influences my song writing. Whenever you are making a documentary about a big issue such as the housing crisis, you find a strong character who can humanise and personify the issue – you see the human impact through their experience. That’s how I approach song writing, I’m a daydreamer and I love to create these little worlds and characters that help me make sense of challenges I’m concerned about.

How does being a musician form part of your identity?

I’ve actually been very shy about self-identifying as a musician. When I introduce myself I always say TV producer first, musician second, but privately I’ll always pick up a guitar before a camera. Playing guitar is my favourite pastime, so becoming comfortable with sharing that part of my identity publicly is really exciting.

Are there any musicians (or writers, or poets!) who have informed the music you write?

There are so many. I love Jethro Tull and The Shins for their visual lyrics and incredible melodies. At the moment I’m super impressed by the Norwegian musician Jenny Hval – she’s fearless in her writing and full-on confronts difficult things about womanhood, the female body, sexuality, patriarchy. When I listen to her songs I constantly think, ‘Man, this chick gets it!’ Her lyrics and the way she uses her voice are so inspirational.


Luna Neptune | www.lunaneptune.co | www.soundcloud.com/lunaneptune

Luna Neptune is a space pop, folk rock artist, lyrically influenced by bardic storytelling. She’ll be playing at the first DD Get Together.

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