by Molly Alessandra Cooper


they were a burden growing up

the apron strings I tried to cut so many times

eagerly awaiting the day age justified avoiding them.

eighteen came and went

the time never came to turn down an invite

each occasion we were knitted tighter

each struggle identified and discussed as we grew

we learned our shared flaws

accepted, and continued.

we noticed the flaws in ourselves,

but learned strengths strong enough to conceal them;

stronger together, happier together.

I found pride in our honesty

love in our laughter

home in our togetherness.

at christmas and at the annual walk in memory of our relative, we still smile

still, an entire tribe of us commit and hold interest

and we don’t go home as soon as it can be justified

we stay together, eat more cake, drink more coffee

recognise our fortune: they were never a burden.


Molly Alessandra Cooper | @Mollyalessandra | Instagram

Molly Alessandra Cooper is a photography graduate who is more interested in learning, yoga, life drawing and glitter.

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