by Lauren Waugh
My feet are pelting
Heart beating
And as willing as my body is,
I come to a stop.
There’s that metal claw on my chest and it’s closing.
Blue puff for luck. Breath
Blue puff to normal. Breath

I swear I could sing
If my lungs bring
Oxygen to their capacity,
They’re half full.
The stomach forces up on the noose as it tightens.
Blue puff for life. Breath
Blue puff to talking. Breath

Once I would dance
Flinging my body and prance
And wildly shaping myself,
Only to stop for a cough.
The wheezing rising and containing me.
Blue puff to breathe. Breath
Blue puff to end. Breath

Them sparks kept hostage as it all starts closing
The panic rising
The air pace quickening
The sickening end to what you love
The searching to reopen the doors.
Blue puff.
Blue Puff.

Sit yourself down and don’t push yourself too hard.

Lauren Waugh | @writtenbylw |

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