by Maria Ilona Moore

Remember what it feels like when you feel good:

The way the air is cool and crisp and clean
and the sun is low,
glinting off the bellies of birds,
bathing buildings in gold.

The way a watercolour sky fades
from icy blue into mauve into ink.

The way a stray penny, picked up
feels like luck
tucked into the palm of your hand.

The way your heart feels full
and possibility hangs in the air
and you smile without even trying.

Remember that you have been here before
and this darkness isn’t permanent.

Maria Ilona Moore | | @mooreofthis

Maria is a reluctant Londoner who misses living by the sea. She’s interested in pop culture, feminism and getting personal. She has a lot of feelings and likes to write about them whenever she can.
photo credit: Libby Earland

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