Closing Poetry


As we reach the end of the year, Marni Appleton sees December in with her poem named for the month.

by Marni Appleton


We stop            to look at the sky
so black we lose ourselves
for a minute.

I haven’t seen anything
quite like it.         Our hands
are locked

but when I look for you            across
the infinite dark of the car
I see only stars.

Air, so clean          it
catches my throat like

Our breath in ghostly billows
sharp white             against

I think I see us           on the other
side of the world,
under water

reflected in the distant constellations,
the ellipsis              above.

But then you speak and
I know this time               this time

it is over.

Marni Appleton | @marniapple

Marni is a writer of all things – though primarily fiction, theatre criticism and poetry. She has recently completed her first novel, Walls.

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