What Makes Me Think I Can?

Jess McHugh’s non-fiction piece explores the difficulty in trusting your own creativity.… Continue reading What Makes Me Think I Can?


The Edge of Enough

Jennifer Livingstone asks the question it will always come back to – can you trust him?… Continue reading The Edge of Enough



The world keeps turning and it’s all we can do to keep holding on, in Stéph Kuypers’ plaintive poem.… Continue reading Affirmation


Thoughts On A Wall

Hang on with Rebecca Parker as she learns to trust in the climb, and herself… Continue reading Thoughts On A Wall


Soot Carving

Rebecca Smith’s short story provides a gothic setting, a stormy night and a secret sealed in the embers of a fire.
Continue reading Soot Carving



Sara Grant’s poem captures the moment of betrayal in a diary read and a friendship written. … Continue reading Pages


How was your day?

Sara Sherwood tells the story of a relationship reaching its end between the lines of a text conversation. … Continue reading How was your day?


Revolutionary Roads

In this personal essay, Harriet Thompson examines whether we can ever trust the desire to follow our dreams, in the context of Richard Yates’s Revolutionary Road and her own life.… Continue reading Revolutionary Roads


Trust This: What Rock Climbing Taught Me About the Fear of Moving Forward

Rock climbing has taught Xandra Robinson-Burns a lot about life – and it all starts with letting go of that ledge.… Continue reading Trust This: What Rock Climbing Taught Me About the Fear of Moving Forward


Almost Too Late to Learn to Take Care

Anna Kahn crystallises three relationships into three moments, in her beautiful, honest poetry.… Continue reading Almost Too Late to Learn to Take Care



Claire Gillespie kicks off our discussions on TRUST with a non-fiction piece by that name, bringing us some truths about what trust between friends should mean.… Continue reading Trust

The theme for February is TRUST. January’s theme was ENERGY. See all our writers’ past work in our ARCHIVE.