Maddy Barnes reflects on a year of constant change, and lessons both taught and learned in our final Friday Poem of the theme. … Continue reading Impermanence


DD Interview: Learning to Pot

Dear Damsels interviews budding potter, Kitty Stogdon, about the lessons she’s learned – in the studio, and in life.… Continue reading DD Interview: Learning to Pot


Lessons in Friendship

When this writer was attacked by one of her best friends, she had to learn more than one difficult lesson.… Continue reading Lessons in Friendship



Driving lessons and sibling bickering – the scene for another short story by Angharad Sillitoe … Continue reading Seventeen


On the Job: Lessons We Learned From Work

After attending a Collectively Unleashed event on working like the Swedish, Team DD were inspired to consider everything the world of work has taught them.… Continue reading On the Job: Lessons We Learned From Work



Museums and skin and unnatural preservation – the things that we take from others to learn, discussed in Lizzie’s textured poem… Continue reading Skin


Femininity As We Taught It

Molly Alessandra Cooper on unlearning all the rules we taught each other as teenagers, from what to shave (everything) to the acceptable kind of tampon to use.… Continue reading Femininity As We Taught It



Have a chance encounter in a coffee shop in Angharad Sillitoe’s short story… Continue reading Homework


Lessons in the Art of Living

Take some tips from Jenny Campbell’s poem – on letting go and moving forward.… Continue reading Lessons in the Art of Living


Lessons in Cognitive Behaviour

When Bridie Wilkinson fell apart, she had to learn to ask for help. Help in the form of therapy. This essay is about that. … Continue reading Lessons in Cognitive Behaviour


Wooden Rises

Submerge yourself deep in Kate Holford’s underwater poetry… Continue reading Wooden Rises



Uncovering the real you, one un-learning at a time. Let Alizée Chesnoy’s short story explain… Continue reading (un)learn


An Epiphany

Revelations and realisations are reached in Mariam Khan’s poem.… Continue reading An Epiphany

How I Lost My Mind_feature

How I Lost My Mind and Other Tragedies

Success had always come easy to Noreen Goraya – until it didn’t. In this personal essay she tells us how she handled failure. … Continue reading How I Lost My Mind and Other Tragedies



On my year 10 report
she added: Anna’s sense of humour always keeps
me on my toes. We were her first UK job.… Continue reading Drama


The Summer Holidays Are Over

As a shout rings out across a quiet street, one girl’s summer will be brought to a sudden end in Marni Appleton’s short story.… Continue reading The Summer Holidays Are Over


Learning to Reject Tradition

Yen-Rong Wong kicks off LESSONS with an essay on rejecting what we’re taught and mental health… Continue reading Learning to Reject Tradition

The theme for September is LESSONS. August’s theme was GENERATION. See all our writers’ past work in our ARCHIVE.